13 July 2011

Sticks To Measure Success

Since 1906 football teams have needed 10 yards to gain a first down. Every team across the nation has their own method in moving the chains. In 1972 Lavell Edwards took the coaching reins and forever changed the game. Recently, the university of blue and white declared its independence. They took their own route to measure success. A new unchartered territory. A brand new horizon. As a fellow cougar fan each have their own measuring sticks. Things that they would like to see from the 2011 season.

Exposure. Long term vision and the tools to make it happen on and off the field. Allowing others to learn more about what the university is about. The things it represents and values. Having a renewed partnership with the world wide leader in sports. Yes, that would be ESPN. Look for minimum 10 games on a national stage network in 2011. No longer obscured by having to browse through craigs list to find a decommissioned satellite in order to find what might be viewing somewhere in the mountain range. It's now about a national range and the worldwide stage. How about also having a state of the art tv/media facilities at its fingertips? Definately couldn't ask for a better combo and recipe for success.

Teachers and Students. Coaching staff overhaul. Ben Cahoon. Rob Morris. Joe DuPaix. Those were some of the names and changes brought to this cougar staff. How will they affect the players? Is there a much better team chemistry? Numerous questions will certainly all be answered as the season progresses.

Heaps Next Throw. Jake set every freshman QB record throwing for over 2300 yards and 15 TDs. Is he ready for the next step? Heaps absolutely has an arsenal of weapons to work with and the skillset. As Bronco says its about executing at a higher level. The bar has been set. The cougar nation wants to know and will be anxiously watching.

Tradition, Spirit, Honor and Vanilla. Last season cougar fans became restless as the offense often seemed to be too vanilla. Opponents knew what to expect and often before things happened. Will the blue and white jerseys get back to the past? Is it finally time to look to the future? With Doman at the offensive coordinator helm will the new "O" keep teams on their heels? As fans will we see trickery from time to time to keep opponents guessing and playing it straight. Inquiring minds want to know.

Tight Ends In The House. Dennis Pitta. Gordon Hudson. Clay Brown. Jonny Harline. Chad Lewis. Those are only a few of the great names that cougar fans have heard make big plays over the years. Far too often last season the tight end situation seemed to be a completely invisible facet of the offensive game plan. Will cougar fans see a change in 2011? With names like Devin Mahina and Austin Holt in the stable the weapons are certainly available. What other sort of things as a cougar fan would you like to see? Would love to hear.

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