19 July 2011

Bringing Back The Domanator

Rewind back to 2001. As a senior the "Domanator" threw for 3542 yards including 33 TDs while leading the blue and white jerseys to a rather impressive 12-2 record. Fast forward to 2011 and today's reality. Brandon Doman is now the cougs new offensive coordinator leading the band of brothers as they venture boldly into independence charting their own destiny. He will be making the calls one whistle at a time.

What will it hold in store? What sort of things can cougar fans expect to see? Will there be many adjustments? Where much is given much will be required. Cougar fans expect to win and are used to putting points on the board. Many of these questions have likely been asked by cougar fans across the nation. Such are some of the examples that Doman will likely encounter and must handle.

Precise accurate receiving routes. Knowing how to get open and exactly where to be at any given time. This will surely be addressed. Get into a flow. The communication between Heaps and his weapons will be crucial in order to move the chains.

Player accountability on dropped passes. Last season it happened far too often. This cannot continue. Days of the past it was unacceptable. It was an absolute rarity. Often you get one shot. Its an absolute to take full and complete advantage of the opportunities as they occur. Heaps and his receiving crew have had ample of time for quality reps to be on the same page. Look for this to dramatically change and improve.

Get the tight ends involved. Somehow the TE action virtually was a distant memory from the past. Some of the cougs biggest plays in history have come through the tight ends. Whether it was Clay Brown. Whether it was Jonny Harline. Whether it has been Andrew George. No question they must be more heavily involved.

Open up the playbook. No more vanilla. Bring back the old school. Keeping opponents on their heels guessing. And guessing wrong. Far too often last season at times those plays were simply too predictable. Got to hit the opponent in the jaw early, often and coming from all possible angles. Teams can't have any clue where or when the cougs will strike next.

On the fly. Allow freedom for adjustments as they need to be implemented. Things will come up. Can't allow to get painted into a corner in the ever changing game. Every play will present new possible wrinkles. Giving all team captains more opportunities when needed for audibles as well as the player communication each down can only be a positive.

Synergy can certainly be a powerful word. Keep the band of brothers together strong as one. I believe it was Aristotle who said some serious truth which could be applied here. The whole is greater than sum of its parts. This season the cougs emergence into independence will be vital to this exact manner of thinking. It will take everyone working together on all levels as a collective unit. Together this band of brothers will certainly write history. What is says will only be known as we watch it play out one whistle at a time.
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AP Photo Credit: Isaac Brekken

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