28 October 2010

Bye Week Games

This season has certainly had its share of surprises, controversaries and upsets. When was the last time that Texas at this point of the season have a 4-3 record? Would anyone have guessed Wisconsin would upset the #1 team Ohio State at home? Or how about South Carolina taking care of their business against Alabama? All this unpredictability is making college football news so routine. Routine in every teams schedule is the bye week and sometimes the "honey do lists". In the weekend sampler five fascinating games cougar fans might want to take a few from their hectic schedule include the following...

#1 Oregon 7-0 @ #24 USC 5-2
Could this be the passing of the torch? Flying in will be the ducks bringing its high powered offense and their #1 ranking. The once mighty trojans are also allowing over 400 yards a game which is the most they have given up since records were first kept in 1955. For USC this is their bowl game due to leftover sanctions. In the morning ESPN gameday will be on site to get things started.

#5 Michigan St 8-0 @ #18 Iowa 5-2
Last time these two teams met it was a nailbiter with the Hawkeyes pullin it out 15-13. Iowa is favored by 6.5 and brings its #13 ranked defense into this contest. The spartans have the #22 ranked offense led by Heisman candidate Kirk Cousins.

#25 Baylor 6-2 @ Texas 4-3
Is this game the Longhorn redemption after embarassin losses to UCLA and Iowa State? This will be offense defense matchup literally. Baylor brings the #5 electrifying offense to Austin against the #6 Longhorn stingy defense. Last season Texas won easily 47-14 but is only favored by 7.5 this year.

#20 Oklahoma St 6-1 @ Kansas St 5-2
Both teams are coming off of losses. The cowboys will be without their star stud receiver Justin Blackmon who received a team one game suspension for violation of team rules. Kansas State QB Carson Hoffman could play a major role in this matchup. Only five FBS teams are giving up more passing yards than the cowboys. The cowboys bring the nation's third leading rusher Kendall Hunter who will be facing one of 3 defense that allow 230 rushing yards per game.

#7 Missouri 7-0 @ #14 Nebraska 6-1
Back in 1892 the Victory Bell tradition began in the third oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi. It was awarded to the winner of this matchup and this presumably will also determine the final home of the Victory Bell. Last season Nebraska came out on top 27-12. Missouri would love nothing more to win this last conference meeting. Nebraska has lost 13 straight games to top 10 teams since 2001. However, this one's at home.

Are You Serious?

Apparently three prominent San Diego State boosters have refused to accept the loss and are unwilling to give up on "replaygate" by sending an express letter to BYU President Cecil Samuelson on monday directing his staff to "stop the stonewalling" according to an article in signsonsandiego.com. The boosters have asked for the October 9th game to be "forfeited" to the Aztecs if evidence is found of gross negligence or foul play was committed that day. The letter refers to a possible fumble by JJ DiLuigi. No, it didn't happen in the waning seconds of a possible closing game winning drive but in the third quarter. Yes, lemme repeat. The third quarter. Did it decide the game? Not even close when the Aztecs had a full quarter still to work with. There's still a ton of plays to be made on both sides of the ball.

Couple of thoughts and stats here to consider that standout from that game. The cougs had the ball for just over 45 minutes and 24 first downs compared to the Aztecs 12. Those boosters might want to begin looking for blame at the end of their own shirtsleeves before sending a letter to its opponent. The cougs owned the ball and the clock for 45 minutes. How about lookin at Rocky Long the defensive coordinator? He allowed the jerseys in blue twice as many first downs and for the cougs to hold the ball for three fourths of the game. How about looking at Al Borges the Aztec offensive coordinator for not putting more points on the board that day? There was still yet another entire full quarter to work with. How about having some words with Darrell Funk the OL coach who allowed the cougs to hold their star RB Hillman to nearly half of his average (finished with 62 yards) by not blocking better or creating more holes for him to bust through? Consider as well San Diego State was held to -2 yards rushing in the first half.

If that isn't enough and those boosters still have a problem when they have only need to the look to their own Aztec coaching staff to blame they should look at the MWC for botching things up even more. Apparently those in the booth that day were suspended BEFORE a complete analysis was even finished. How about YOUR own university first to submit an express letter to the MWC headquarters for an official investigation with a complete analysis into the matter? It should be the MWC who completes any investigations when necessary not one of its schools. Why not go through the proper channels? Just a thought. Those boosters are expending wasted energy in the complete and wrong direction if they still have a problem with it. Just a thought. Are you truly serious? Teams lose all the time. Peeps get over it and move on. Small recommendation and yet nothing profound here: its in the past. Bury the hatchet and move on. Otherwise, those boosters and any other fans will be carrying unnecessary weight on their shoulders for a long time.

26 October 2010

One Last Stand

With 16 seconds left the Coug defense made one last stand as Kyle Van Noy's paws were able to swat down Wyoming's last hopes for a victory. The jerseys in blue made enough plays in all phases of the game: offense; defense, and special teams to enjoy the sweet taste of victory winning 25-20 saturday. In the process two of its own were recognized as MWC players of the week in Cody Hoffman and Brandon Ogletree.

Ogletree made things happen when in counted in the fourth quarter. Four of his tackles came on the cowboys last offensive drive. On the special teams Hoffman stepped up taking four returns for 104 yards averaging 26 per opportunity. The triple threat of DiLuigi, Kariya and Quezada were able to grind out 229 yards together. Heaps was even able to connect with Ashworth 6 times including a 12 yard pass for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

From the offensive side 9 of the 10 receptions were to receivers which is nice to see that ratio finally. However, Heaps was 10 of 18 for only 81 yards. Did the cougs play to win or were the jerseys in blue playing not to lose? Does the staff have faith in their players constantly calling the shots so conservatively? If many of these cougs athletes are truly those heralded recruits isn't it time to take those training wheels off? Let them mix things up and begin to stretch the field and not be so vanilla. It's sad when fans and opponents already know whats coming before the play has even begun. No more bump and run or nickel and dime plays over and over. It's not the cougars identity. Start stretching the field alot more somehow. How about taking more shots downfield from time to time? Yes, the cougs took care of business on the field saturday and were likely thrilled to see another cougar victory regardless of the manner it came. During this stretch of scheduled teams its time for the staff to allow their players to begin being used more to their strengths. Otherwise, it could be expected that those wins will be even tougher to come by and possibly some coaches on the hotseat in their one last stand.

22 October 2010

Home Field Advantage?

Players, coaches and fans all agree that there is clearly some substance behind a home field advantage. Whether it might be a rowdy student section, the number avid fans it can hold, how loud they can get, or even something else. All these things certainly can effect on the game being played. In college football who really has the home field advantage? Who has the toughest place to play? Could it be Boise State because of their field? How about Notre Dame due to the tradition? Why not Kyle Field for Texas A&M since they have the 12th man?

Based on the records alone those statistics won't lie although they may not identify the reasons why. From football.stassen.com computations plugged in based off home winning percentage since 1970 many of the results were somewhat surprising. The top 10 listed as follows...


Nebraska 87.5 231-33
Boise State 84.8 78-14
Texas 83.5 184-36-1
Ohio State 83.4 212-41-3
Oklahoma 84.1 193-36-1
Michigan 82.7 213-43-4
Penn St 81.0 204-48
Florida 80.9 199-45-5
Florida St 78.3 190-52-2
Alabama 78.2 200-55-2

How was it playing in the MWC? With those same computations it was rather fascinating seeing the results. Was Air Force near the top due to the elevation factor? Were the possible distractions of Vegas a factor matching up against UNLV? Who defended their turf (or grass) the best in the MWC? As follows...

BYU 76.9 176-53
Utah 66.1 143-73-1
Air Force 63.4 146-84-1
SD State 62.6 147-87-5
Wyoming 62.3 143-86-2
Colorado St 56.7 118-90-2
TCU 53.6 117-101-4
New Mexico 51.5 116-109-3
UNLV 49.2 89-92-2

Although, we might not have a definitive answer as to the outside influences we can all certainly agree it can clearly be a factor. It's not always an exact science but cougar fans can without question be proud that over the years the jerseys in blue have stood strong and played like a band of brothers and still clearly tops in MWC defending the home field advantage.

21 October 2010

First Look

Midnight Madness allegedly began back in 1971. Since then teams all across the country have given their fans their first look at their beloved teams. Last season the MWC created some buzz across the nation sending four of its teams to the big dance with the country's hoopster fans first look at Jimmer. This season should provide more than its share of excitement. A first look at the MWC teams include the following...

San Diego State (25-9 overall) Steve Fisher
It's hard to debate against the Aztecs combination. Coming off a dismal 4-22 season not much was expected in Steve Fisher's initial season. Fisher returns now for his 11th season with 4 MWC championships and 92 victories in his last 4 seasons under his belt. All five starters return starting with sophomore Kawhi Leonard (6-7) who led the MWC in rebounding. Senior Macolm Thomas (6-9) was second in the MWC for blocked shots and 3rd in offensive rebounding. Ball handling duties are in good hands with senior DJ Gay (6-0) who was 3rd in the assist to turnover ratio.

BYU (30-6 overall) Dave Rose
Another season rolls around with another title hunt very reasonably within reach. Everyone's All American Jimmer Fredette returns for his senior campaign and was ranked 7th nationally in scoring at 22 a game. The other senior half of the backcourt includes Jackson Emery who knocked down 2nd best in school history of 85 threes. Emery is probably more known as one of the best conference defensive shutdown stoppers. Local product Kyle Collinsworth should contend for MWC freshman of the year. The cougs play a worthy schedule and have every reason to believe another appearance in the big dance will certainly be on the schedule.

New Mexico (30-5 overall) Steve Alford
Alford the two time MWC coach of the year has his lobo's back again in the hunt for another conference championship. The lobo's engine starts with senior (6-1) Dairese Gary who has had 97 straight starts. Dairese is a strong poised athletic guard who will leave it all on the court leader who averaged 13 points a game and nearly 4 assists per matchup. Yes, Alford's team lost Darington Hobson but they also pick up two high profile transfers in junior 6-9 Drew Gordon (from UCLA) and sophomore Emmanual Negedu (from Tenn). Negedu (6-7) is a former McDonalds all american nominee. Gordon is a former top 50 player capable of making an immediate impact in the paint.

UNLV (25-9 overall) Lon Kruger
Senior guard Tre'von Willis will be back afterall to lead the rebels this season despite a rather tumultuous summer. Last season Willis averaged over 20 a game and 4 rebounds. UNLV will have some depth including the addition of Kansas sophomore transfer (6-8) Quintrell Thomas who is expected to add some much needed brawn to the rebels frontcourt.

CSU (16-16 overall) Tim Miles
The rams have a young coach in Miles who can certainly squeeze the most out of a rather limited roster. He might not guide his rams into the postseason but certainly Colorado State will be respected. Forward Andy Ogide is the rams most dominant inside player returning with his 12.3 points a game and 7 rebounds. Sophomore point guard Dorian Green showed promise and maturity who was forced into the starting role when 2009 standout Jesse Carr was unable to go.

Wyoming (10-21 overall) Heath Schroyer
This upcoming season the cowboys will be led by a dynamic duo in junior 6-8 Afam Muojeke and sophomore 6-5 guard Desmar Jackson. Jackson, was one of the few positives for the pokes last season returns who averaged nearly 14 a game. Afam looked like a bona fide stud before his season ending injury. Its been a while since the pokes were competitive in the MWC but Muojeke's return should certainly help.

Utah (14-17 overall) Jim Boylen
The reigning MWC defensive player of the year returns in 7-3 junior David Foster. Foster last season was ranked #4 in NCAA with 4 blocks a game and is a solid place to start rebuilding after five players left the program. Things must change soon with Boylen possibly being on notice with the yewts leaving to the Pac12. Otherwise, it will be nice of you to show up.

TCU (13-19 overall) Jim Christian
The frogs will need some players to begin stepping up. In the backcourt is a pair of juniors who both will handle the rock in Ronnie Moss and Hank Thorns who transferred from Virginia Tech). Moss can throw up a solid statline which is good and bad. He averaged 15 points a game and 6 assists. Now the bad, Moss also averaged nearly 4 turnovers a game thus with the addition of Thorns will likely move to the two spot. Thorns has some wheels, makes solid decisions and simply can run the show.

Air Force (10-21 overall) Jeff Reynolds
The falcons problem here is available height. Already lost on the season is starting center 6-11 center Sammy Schafer (concussion) as well his backup freshman Ethan Michael 6-8 who tore his ACL. The cadet's will be led by a pair of seniors in guard Evan Washington and forward Tom Fow. There is much work yet to be done to find a way to get the cadets out of the cellar. Unfortunately, their last NCAA tourney appearance was in 2006 and doesn't look like a return trip will be anytime soon.

19 October 2010

One Game At A Time

Hoop practices have officially begun across the gyms across the country. Soon the seats in the Mariott Center will be filled with screaming fans. The sigh of cougar relief came and went when Jimmer announced he would return for his senior season. Yes, the cougs have thrown together four straight 25 win seasons. Last season the jerseys in blue even won 30 games. Yes, the cougs have also had four straight trips to the Big Dance. Considering a pair of Collingsworth brothers and names like Emerey, Abouo, Jimmer, and Davies on the cougs roster it would be only be natural to have some high expectations for the upcoming season.

Gone from the roster include Jonathan Tavernari, Chris Miles, Michael Lloyd Jr and Tyler Haws. Yes, some big spots to fill. The additions to the this season's names include Anson Winder, Stephen Rogers and Kyle Collingsworth. Winder as a senior led Bishop Gorman HS (NV) to a 30-2 record in a back to back 4a state champs while averaging 17 ppg and 7 rebs. Rogers joins the cougs via Mesa CC and could score in bunches averaging 21.3 per game. As ranked one of the nations top 80 guards by ESPN Kyle Collingsworth was had offers from Kansas, Marquette, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Virginia and Stanford. Kyle was even named the Deseret News Mr Basketball and Gatorade Player Of The Year.

Making room in the paint will be supplied by sophomore 6-9 Brandon Davies, junior 6-10 James Anderson and 6-9 sophomore Chris Collingsworth. Davies showed serious promise as a freshman even dropping 21 on the yewts and will be looked for his work around the glass this season. Collingsworth is an all around versatile player which fits in nicely with the cougs up tempo system. Anderson a former McDonalds all american nominee has the ability to run the floor is known for his athleticism.

In the offseason 6-5 junior Charles Abouo spent time playing with the Ivory Coast national team. The former Utah 3A player of the year last season scored 22 a season high against TCU. Abouo has a sweet midgame but also has the ability to create his own shot and take the rock to the hoop. Senior 6-6 Logan Magnusson, sophomore Brock Zylstra and Nick Martineau 6-0 should be able to provide some valuable minutes.

The cougs backcourt is a rather unique senior led combination of Jackson Emery and Jimmer Fredette. Emery 6-3 is the typical blue collar defender characterized by his relentess hustle and athletic ability. Jackson could possibly even be the league's top returning defender. Fredette is most likely the most prolific scorer the cougs have had since Danny Ainge. One such example came last season against Arizona when Fredette set a new cougar record for most points in a game with 49. In the offseason Jimmer even spent 10 days working out with TeamUSA. Dick Vitale, Athlon Sports and even Sporting News named him 1st team all american.

Considering what will be stepping onto the court for the cougs this season there definately should be some high expectations. Yes, the strength of the team might be the backcourt. Thus, another trip the to the big dance is not even a question. The bar has been set. Teams win with talent; balance, confidence, consistency and sometimes a little luck. Expectations are high but noone will know how far this crew can roll until those games are played one game at a time.

Photo credit goes to Stuart Johnson/Deseret News


While the cougar fans wait the arrival of Jimmer and the rest of the cougs to hit the court again now is a great time to take a few and think about all the simply amazing moments we've experienced as well as what might lie in store. The season is just around the corner and cougar fans have truly been blessed. What will this year hold in store? Definately well worth checking out TJ Fredette's site (tjfredette.com)! Like Jimmer he's definately got some skills. Enjoy!


Photo credit goes to Justin M Bowen/LV Sun

OC gets the KO

It appears that both the season and likely career is over for O'neill Chambers. Earlier it was announced that OC was "suspended indefinately" due to disciplinary reasons for the remainder of the 2010 season. This was not the first time Chambers was sidelined either for the same possible reasons having missed the Nevada and Utah State games this season.

The former 3 star recruit receiver and kick off returner from Harmony Florida was definately quite the athlete and competitor. Under former cougar standout Tyler Anderson OC was credited for 39 receptions and 965 yards with 10 TDs as a senior. He was heavily recruited including teams as Florida, Maryland, Mississippi State, South Carolina and Purdue but still chose to come cross country to the cougs.

Last week OC also became the cougs career leader in kickoff return yardage with 1612 yards. Apparently per ESPN Chambers finishes the season and possible career with 40 receptions covering 466 yards and 2 TDs. O'neill certainly isn't short on talent and could have clearly been even more of a difference maker. Wearing a blue jersey as a player and team player though are two completely different things. This team though is seeking to be a true band of brothers. Unfortunately, the abrasive personality and firey attitude may have been the square peg not able to ever completely fit in which may have led to the indefinate dismissal from the team. Chambers talent and playmaking ability will certainly be missed. OC will likely finish the semester with the intention to transfer. Apparently BYU has released OC to a number of FBS schools. The cougs program will carry on with games still to play and to win. Wherever that road takes you OC may you find success in all your hopes and dreams.

Photo credit goes to Trent Nelson/SL Tribune

18 October 2010

Cowboy Tough

Saturday the cougs square off against Wyoming in their ongoing quest to discover their offensive chemistry. The battle between the two 2-5 teams might be exactly what the doctor ordered to help stop the offensive bleeding. Coach Dave Christensen brings his cowboys to Lavell Edwards Stadium with 113th ranked defense and the 120th offense. However, statistically the cougs don't look much better on paper having the 87th best defense and the defense ranked 107th nationally. Which will prevail? Will it be cowboy tough? Or will the cougs come out on top? Those questions will be answered and sorted out when all the dust clears.

Sophomore quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels is the clear cut leader of the cowboys. The San Jose native has connected for over 887 yards 4 TDs and 5 INTs on the season. He has a number of nice weapons to work with. In the backfield sophomore Alvester Alexander will get plenty of touches. Alexander on the ground has rushed for 321 yards and 4 TDs.

Carta-Samuels has a nice surrounding cast. His primary target is senior David Leonard with 25 receptions covering 277 yards and 1 TD. On the other wing is Zach Bolger who has 15 catches for 262 yards and 2 TDs. Look for Austyn Carter-Samuels to also frequently look to Chris McNeill with 17 receptions and 130 yards with 1 TD on the season.

Last season the cowboys might have overachieved in Christensen's first year but Wyoming's program is definately on the rise. Unfortunately, it will take a considerable amount of improvement. The cougs defense should create opportunities and help get the offense rolling. Look for the jerseys in blue to begin to find some consistency on saturday.

Time For Offensive Change?

At what point does it stop being business as usual? One could only assume when Jaime Hill was let go it was a warning shot across the bow to the rest of the staff. On the season it seems the lifeless cougs are still searching for its offensive identity its heart and soul with a 2-5 record.

Apparently, one cougar fan couldn't hold back any longer wasn't satisfied with the lack of offensive production on the season as well as during the TCU game. The fan shouting "Come on BYU offense play like the defense. Come on you guys play like the defense!". Yes, the alumns, donors and fans in the seats came to see a show and on the year its simply not there. Fans don't want to see something vanilla. They want something special.


Of the 120 teams ranked in the nation the jerseys in blue currently only rank 107th in total offense. The cougs also unfortunately rank 115th in scoring offense only averaging 14.71 on the scoreboard. Bottom line the coug offense isn't producing any special stats right now. At what point does Robert Anae's offense finally start stretching the field and putting points on the board? In saturday's game against TCU only two passes were caught by the receiving corps. Yes 2. That's it. Only one to a wide receiver and the other to a tight end. The cougs spent over 20 years finding and building upon their identity of being a throwing team. You can't be something you aren't. It simply doesn't work.

In 2009 the cougs finished as the 11th ranked scoring offense in the country. The jerseys in blue in 2007 were 25th in total offense. Back in 2008 the passing was the 6th ranked passing offense. Whether its dropped passes, making gametime adjustments, poor execution, recruiting, bad coaching, or something else something has got to give. With the cougs goin independent and scheduling teams as Oregon State; Texas, Central Florida, West Virginia, and Georgia Tech in the future the coaching staff and those jerseys in blue must begin to raise the bar a hecukva lot higher. Stats like what coug fans have seen will continue to chalk up losses against teams like that. A teams offense in a single year just doesn't simply fall off the map. Something has happened. Changes must be made soon whether formal or behind the scenes to address whatever it might be ailing the cougs. To put things into perspective the jerseys in blue must begin to produce and are in a must win situation for each and every game the rest of the season. Otherwise cougar fans, alumns, and donors can forget even possibly a Humanitarian Bowl.

15 October 2010

Upon Further Review

This last saturday the jerseys in blue played with heart and soul. They came together as a band of brothers who outmuscled, outworked and basically outplayed San Diego State winning 24-21. However, many Aztec fans are still up in arms over a single obvious blown call and apparently are not willing to let it go. Those things are bound to happen in every game. That was ONE call that came as a possible DiLuigi fumble which happened only in the third quarter. Did that replay drama determine the game outcome? Not even a chance with over a full quarter still to work with. San Diego State had every chance to fight back and make the most of its opportunities for a another quarter more. Let's look at some final box score stats. Cougs ran for 271 yards to the Aztecs 53 total. How about first downs? The jerseys in blue had 24 to the Aztecs 12. What about time of possession? The band of brothers held onto the ball just over 45 minutes compared to the Aztecs mere 15 minutes. The final and most important stat was the final score 24-21 which is unfortunate and part of life for the Aztec fans.

At the end of the day it is the head replay referee, a real paid official who actually makes the call or not. That individual was Mike Angelis from Reno NV who was responsible NOT Chad Bunn. Yes, Chad was a BYU employee and in the booth. However, his role was only as a video replay specialist. It was NOT Chad's reponsibility to make any of the decisions on the videotape. Bunn apparently gave absolutely every possible angle to Angelis to view and review. That was his job and he did it admirably. Could there be a conflict of interest having Chad in the booth who had ties to the same school playing? Most likely. However, that was up to the MWC to decide and actually have allowed it to occur. The MWC is supposedly in an ongoing review considering the blown call in all of its possible components. Apparently, the MWC has suspended all 3 involved but has never come out with an official statement on the suspensions or even officially completed its investigation.

Words from Chris Ello himself...

Many Aztec fans have thrown Chad Bunn and all cougs under a bus spewing hatred with comments. One such example comes from Chris Ello and his San Diego radio station. Those comments have been played and replayed over the radio on 1280 the zone. From the 1280 the zone (awesome station and highly recommend to listen to) link Ello speaks about honor, racism, and calling the cougs as one of the dirtiest teams. He mentioned it all as a front for utter hypocrisy. Is Ello for real? Gimme a break. When was the last time Ello walked the campus? When was the last time he truly interacted with its students and faculty to even begin his case? Not once did Ello in his ranting even begin to back up his claims with anything absolutely close to the truth. His honorless statements deserve an absolute apology to the university and its cougar fans in general on such false classless claims. Start looking at your own team, its gameplan, and why you lost etc. Fact is you lost to an unranked team that was 1-4. Learn to accept it and move on. Teams all across the country lose all the time. Stuff happens. How about also looking to the MWC at its process if you still have a problem before spouting classless claims and lies. Hey, life isn't fair. Aztecs, you might wanna start lookin at Air Force. By the way, you have a game tomorrow with some Cadets who also beat you last year 26-14.

- - - - - - -

Postnote concerning the fumblegate replay SDSU drama. Now evidently, there is now a minor update and is still the only official statement available yet. No further information on the status of the those involved per the MWC official website. As follows...


12 October 2010

Horned Frog Horizon

Saturday the Cougs might be facing their mightiest challenge yet this season in squaring off against the #4th nationally ranked TCU Horned Frogs who are apparently about a 30 point favorite. The series began in 1987 and very well may be the last meeting between the two on saturday since the Cougs have gone independent with no future contests on the horizon. Coach Gary Patterson has carefully guided his frogs to a 6-0 record thus far dropping an average of 41 a game on opponents. TCU has topped the nation in total defense for the second straight year and the 4th time in 10 years. Horned frog opponents have been held firmly in check only averaging 96 rushing yards a game while scoring a measly 10.33 a game. TCU ranks 7th in the nation for rushing offense and 8th in scoring offense. The horned frogs have averaged this season 481 yards per matchup. Definately some impressive stats for some horned frogs on the horizon.

Its hard to argue with the production of the offense as well led by senior quarterback Andy Dalton who has already thrown for over 1177 yards with 9 TDs and 4 INTs. There are home run threats at every skilled position. In the backfield is a pair of truly dynamic sophomores led by the elusive Ed Wesley who has 87 touches covering 612 yards and 7 TDs. Wesley is a geography major and hopes to be covering some serious ground against the cougs.The other running back isn't a slouch either in Matthew Tucker from Tyler Texas who has 75 carries for 356 yards and 5 TDs. Dalton has a fine set of weapons to work with as well in his senior receiving corps of Jeremy Kerley and Bart Johnson. Kerley is home run threat who has 23 catches on the season for 237 yards and 4 TDs. Johnson definately is a steady commodity with 18 receptions on the year for 192 yards and 2 TDs.

Will the cougs be able to contend with the frogs saturday? Magic can always happen. All things are always possible. Bronco certainly reached the heart and soul of his team last week. The jerseys in blue must step up, play flawless football, control the clock, and hope for a few lucky breaks. It's been said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. On saturday the cougs must truly emulate exactly that as a band of brothers.

SDSU Out: Gained, Muscled, Outplayed

Last time the jerseys in blue lost 5 in a row during a single season was back in 1970. The resilience, grit and determination of the band of brothers was not gonna let that happen no matter the cost. Bronco seems to have made all the right decisions saturday beginning in the trenches. In a brilliant move the 62 rushing attempts were the most since 1996. It took the pressure off of Jake and placed it on the shoulders of the offensive line. All those carries allowed the cougs to play keep away with an unheard of time of possession just over 45 minutes. By keeping the Aztec offense off the field it also enabled the cougs to hold San Diego State to a minus 2 rushing yards in the first half and 53 for the entire game. The cougs OL grated the road for 271 rushing yards to beat the Aztecs at their own game 24-21. Di Luigi and Kariya both had 22 carries each. JJ ran for a career high of 134 yards while Brian rushed for another 85. Juice even became one of the backfield staples with 11 touches for 50 rushing yards. Even Matt Marshall became more involved converting a 16 yard pass to Mike Muehlmann on a fake field goal. Yes, a fake field goal keeping the cougar drive alive ultimately resulting in the first TD of the game for the cougs. Nice change from the vanilla keeping defenses honest.

It's definately a beautiful sight to see cougar football back where it should be making plays, executing at a higher level and stretching the field. The defense definately was pumped up and ready to roll. Van Noy emerged as a force finishing the game with 5 tackles, one sack and very easily could have had a fumble recovery. Sophomore linebacker Brandon Ogletree played tough with a pass interception as well. The coug defense stood strong, held together like a band of brothers and made things happen. In short, on saturday the Aztecs were simply outgained, outmuscled and outplayed.

07 October 2010

Harrison A Cougar

Just saw the news come across the twitter wire from both Wrubell and Jay Drew. It's now official. The cougs have received a rather nice hoops commit in 6-4 SG/SF Demarcus Harrison. Harrison is definately a HUGE get for Dave Rose, his staff and the coug fans. The three star recruit from Arden, NC had offers from Florida State, Virginia, Marquette, Oklahoma State, and Clemson but still chose to wear blue. DeMarcus has great range off the catch and can drive the rock to the rim. He's got plenty of tools in his arsenal and has plenty of upside for the cougs to be a special player.

05 October 2010

Against All Odds?


Yes, what lies at stake might seem absolutely difficult task to turn a season around. Consider the past. Where we came from. For years jerseys in blue didn't experience much continued winning success till about the early 1970s. When teams were calling very run heavy offensive schemes as the veer and the wishbone it was then that Lavell turned things completely upside down. Now the cougs have a national championship. The cougs also have a Heisman Trophy. They have won 23 conference championships. Participated in 28 bowl games. Bronco had to completely change not only the winning attitude again after taking over for Crowton but also cleaning an image. He restored the cougs back on the map. Can one forget the words spoked by Wrubell "caught for the touchdown"? Or how about what looked like a no way humanly possible 4th and 18 followed by an Unga TD? How about the unbelieveable victory in Dallas over then the #3 Oklahoma Sooners? Is it really that hard to recall seeing Andrew George still running? It's time for the cougs to get back to their core stretching the field and putting points on the board. Yes, Bronco made a needed change with his reason based off in getting back inside the players heart and motivation. Legendary coach Vince Lombardi echoed those similar words "Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their players and motivate." Is it possible to turn things around? No reason why Bronco can't install a winning attitude again and make us all believers again in cougar football. Time will only tell who's fully invested but all things are certainly possible with the desire and motivation to leave no doubt placing absolutely everything out on the field. Hey anyone can be beat on any given saturday.

04 October 2010

Aztecs Attack

Saturday the cougs return to Happy Valley hoping to begin turning their season around and will certainly have their hands full. The jerseys in blue lead the series 26-7-1 and are 15-2 all time against the Aztecs in LES stadium. Last season the Aztecs were 4-8 and held the nation's 116th ranked rushing attack. Last season the cougs also were 11-2 with a 44-20 Las Vegas Bowl thrashing of Oregon State. Oh how times have changed. San Diego State comes to LES with a 4-1 record averaging 38 points and posting 500 plus yards a game. The Aztec sport the 7th best offense in the nation and 21st best defense put together by former head coach Rock Long.

This season Ryan Lindley is guiding the Aztecs off to its best start in 29 years. Sporting News rated Ryan as the MWC best passing QB. Lindley on the year has already thrown for 1174 yards with 6 TDs and 2 INTs. Ryan certainly has a dynamic duo of receivers to work with. DeMarco Sampson has 19 receptions for 373 yards and 2 TDs while Vincent Brown has 20 catches for 332 yards and 2 TDs. Lindy's even voted Sampson as "best hands" in the league. The offense doesn't end there either. In the backfield is true freshman Ronnie Hillman from La Habra who is averaging 133 yards and has 8 TDs.

Top Or Bottom Of The Hill

It began back in 2006 when Brian Mitchell (now with the Memphis Tiger coaching staff) left the Cougs for greener grass at Texas Tech. Jaime Hill was brought in as a defensive coordinator. However, sometime after the Cougs were dismantled friday and basically handed their football cleats by the Aggies an option was given to end things. Resign or to be relieved of your duties effective immediately. Apparently, Jaime chose the other. Somewhere in between things have gone way off track. The last time the jerseys in blue were 1-4 was back in 1973. Hill began as an assistant with San Fransisco State back in 1987 and has been to through 11 stops in his stints since. Was it a matter of coaching differences, leadership and philosophy? Could be. Maybe the stats also speak for themselves. On the season the Cougs rush defense was ranked dead last. Yes, dead last out of 120 team giving up roughly 259 yards a matchup. The total defense was ranked 101. Maybe its also a lack of pressure on opponents QBs? The cougs are currently ranked 107th only finding an average of one sack a game. Right now, the jerseys in blue defense simply put isn't pretty.

Could there be more changes in store? Would only have to assume that all aspects of the football program will certainly be evaluated at some point. On the other side of the ball things might not look much better. The fans certainly want to see some points on the board. Yet, the cougs scoring offense is ranked 114th averaging only 15.2 per contest.

Is the talent there? One of the recruiting services byu.scout.com has the 2010 class ranked as the 22nd best in the nation. The 2009 class was ranked 40th best. How about the 2008 class? They were listed as the #57th best. Even the 2007 class was ranked 42nd. Certainly on paper the talent has got to be present. However, translating paper to what's on the field is often a different story. Something is without question amiss. Will this change things on paper? Only time will tell. Yet, there's no question Bronco, staff and players will certainly have their hands full considering what's left on schedule. Never forget though groups and indivuals who put in the work, surround themselves with greatness, with a vision and do things right at some point of time somehow magic happens. One can only hope.

Different Shade Of Blue

Friday the Aggies ended a 10 game losing streak against the Cougs and in a major way almost to a sense a different shade of blue. Unfortunately, it wasn't pretty as Utah State throttled the Cougs 31-16 owning the field overall for 434 yards with 192 through the air and 242 on the ground. The aggies defense also held BYU in check limiting DiLuigi to only 42 yards and 1 TD. Freshman Joshua Quezada did begin to get more involved rushing 6 times for 20 yards. The list of injuries from previous games continued to pileup. Much of the second half was played defensively by the Cougs without the services of leading tackler Adam Rich (stinger and upper arm contusion) and Jordan Pendleton (knee sprain). Shane Hunter had a game high 13 tackles while Jadon Wagner and Travis Uale had 10 each. It doesn't get any easier as the Cougs fall to 1-4 with the loss and face San Diego State at home who throttled the aggies 41-7.