15 July 2011

Defining Moments

Many years ago as a new country was in the process of declaring its independence a rather large signature was placed onto a piece of paper. According to legend it was written so large and clear that the individual wanted King George to be able to read it without the use his spectacles. That absolutely is a defining moment or signature in history. It is now a new day. A new dawn and a new season. The cougs are officially independent and able to define their own destiny.

Fans across the nation when asked what comes to mind first about BYU football many will say they know how to sling the pigskin around. No question it is an elite and visible group of members in the quarterback club. Each have had their own personalities, characteristics and defining moment in some form or another.

Ty Detmer had the killer instinct of never giving up despite whatever odds might have been in front of him. The former Heisman trophy winner finished a stellar career throwing for 15,031 yards and 121 TDs. Detmer's signature win cougar nation will recall was in LES back in 1990 when he Ty'd one on the Hurricanes leading the cougs to a 28-21 victory.

Jim McMahon might be known across the nation as part of a Superbowl shuffle but to cougar fans he likely will always be remembered for possibly staging one of the greatest college football comebacks ever slinging a hail mary to Clay Brown for a 46-45 victory over SMU.

Max Hall was able to best UCLA in the 2007 Vegas Bowl and destroyed the bruins the following year 59-0. He even beat Oklahoma 14-13 in Arlington Texas. The defining moment that fans likely to remember for Hall came from a 49 yard completion on a now famous fourth and 18 (or might as well been a fourth and forever) to Austin Collie with the final of 17-10 for cougs.

Robbie Bosco got things rolling early in the season against then third ranked Pittsburgh for a 20-14 victory. However, college football fans will recall what took place at the end of that season. Despite being injured he was able to help secure the cougs a 24-17 Holiday Bowl victory over Michigan to remain undefeated as the cougs now were able to claim the title of national champions.

Brandon Doman might be the offensive coordinator now but some fans will likely remember him as "The Domanator". However, most will recall Doman's defining moment how he was instrumental guiding Lavell Edwards last hurrah beating the team from up north 34-27.

John Walsh threw for 8390 yards and 66 TDs in his career but might be most remembered for helping the cougs end a 5 year bowl winning drought with a Copper Bowl victory over traditional power Oklahoma 31-6. Walsh finished the game 31 of 45 for 454 yards and 4 TDs.

Steve Sarkisian was part of what may have been one of the cougs best teams fielded collectively in 1996. Football fanatics will likely remember what took place on New Years Day for the 1996 Cotton Bowl. The 5th ranked cougs were led by Sarkisian throwing 21 of 36 for 291 yards and 2 TDs as Omarr Morgan intercepted the final pass from Kansas State QB Brian Kavanagh to secure the victory.

John Beck will be remembered with a number of solid wins including stunning TCU on their home field 31-17 as well as in 2006 a Vegas Bowl victory over Oregon 38-8. On the other hand cougar fans could argue his defining moment very well could be known by the play that lasted forever in the rivalry game known as "The Answered Prayer".

The names may change as they come and go through the program. This time its on the shoulders of Heaps. No longer is there any questions whatsoever who the signal caller is. Last season the training wheels came off. Jake grew up in a major way right before our eyes who rattled away 6 victories in its last 8 games. The bar has been set. What a difference a year makes. Cougar fans are clearly stoked with optimism for the upcoming season and ready to see Heaps of success. What will his defining moment be remembered as? Will it come this season against Texas? Or next year at Georgia Tech? Maybe some future bowl? Regardless what it will be fans will surely love the results.

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