18 April 2011

The Next Level

March Madness came and went. The cougs had one of the best seasons in memory. He came. He saw. He swept the hoop awards and Jimmered a nation. Yet, can he play at the next level?

Absolutely. And why not? Some might say defense? In all seriousness who really watches the next level for the defense? Iverson and Kobe are two obvious examples. Both have been able to score a bajillion points but does anyone know them for the defense? Not even close. Flat out no contest. Besides, when was the last time fans came out to watch it for someone's defense? Today's game has clearly evolved into putting the ball into the hoop. Just ask the ex-coach from team north (the ball didn't go into the hoop). In fact, one of the last pure point guards known for the shut down ability was the glove. Yes, Gary Payton.

Then how would Jimmer fit in? Or where? Most teams at the next level would kill for someone who can spot up and shoot the long three. No question Jimmer has that range. Soon as he steps off the bus Jimmer is typically open.

Why not the Jazz and the home crowd? Jimmer could certainly put fans in the seats. Seemed like they also surely missed Korver. The hometown fans saw the Jazz shoot 34.6 percent from the three point line. Good enough to rank 20th in the bottom third. It also appeared overall CJ and Raja were never consistent enough. Miles went for 32 percent while Bell shot it at 35 percent. There really never was a pure reliable deep threat present this season for the Jazz. Too many misses and not enough hits.

On the other hand, Jimmer this season shot the 3 ball at 39.6 percent. Does that merit enough for a team to pick him? Yes, it might be a whole different level but there's no question on his consistent range. How about the Knicks giving Jimmer a chance? Why not the Heat? No question someone like Lebron and Wade would absolutely love to have an individual they could trust who can jack it up from another zip code that will knock them down. If there's an individual out there who can stretch a defense Jimmer is certainly one of those. Can you imagine with Lebron and Wade slicing through defenses like butter only to kick it back out to Jimmer? Match made in heaven. Jimmer absolutely has the talent to play at the next level. It's only a matter of finding out where. Never doubt the Jimmer. Whether it's the Jazz, the Knicks, the Heat or some other team tune in June 23rd to find out.

Photo Credit/Ethan Miller